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Spewing Vitriol
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Tuesday, July 1st, 2008
5:45 pm
Universal Truth
I'm noticing more and more how my increasing use of emoticons actually corresponds with moments of homicidal ideation rather than the happy faces they masquerade as. I think I've unveiled a Universal Truth: if you can't see a person's face or hear their voice, anything can be covered up by just a dash of cheekiness! :D
Tuesday, September 4th, 2007
6:22 pm
Dreeeeeeeeam - dream dream dream
I had some dreams last night.

In one of them, I was tasked with building (or rebuilding?) DIA. It ended up HUGE! There was something mapquestian in my design and it ended up being city-sized huge! With an underground garage going underneath the entire complex, runways and all. No doubt if the Department of Homeland Security had existed in this dream, they would have been none too pleased to have garage space underneath runways. Then I had to run the perimeter of the entire thing - late for a plane and unsure if I had forgotten my bags. Kind of like Streets of Sim City, only on foot and anxious. Did I mention I flew home from Wisconsin today?

In another distinct, yet somehow related dream, I was called in to a meeting with big wigs from AOL/Time Warner. Or at least what my subconscious imagines AOL/Time Warner big wigs would look and act like. The meeting began with the President/CEO/Grand Puba detailing his analysis of a dream he had. Sadly, I don't remember these details - but I think I should still get some points for originality. I've heard of (and have experienced) dreaming that you are dreaming as well as lucid dreams. Also the only recurring dream I have involves dreaming about having multiple recurring dreams in a night. The content of these meta-recurring dreams varies completely each time I have it and the only common thread is that they are dreams about recurring dreams. But anyway, back to the point - I've never heard of anyone dreaming of dream analysis. After this, the honcho at the head of the table stared everybody down one at a time. If you flinched, you were fired. I didn't flinch. Whatever that means.

So how're your folks and all them?
Monday, April 23rd, 2007
11:54 pm
Now now my darlin - may I have a talk with you?
Hi!!! Remember me? What's new, imaginary readers?

I'm tired so I'll keep this brief. I stopped delivering pizzas because I got a new job. It is a good job. It is a 9 to 5 job. This is why I am tired tonight. The church was mentioned in USA Today - but I don't think there was a brightly colored pie chart that corresponded to it. Unless I missed it.

I love RTD. Planet Terror is the best movie ever made - too bad after you watch it you have to sit through another hour and a half of pretty-OK-but-not-spectacular Tarantino dreck. My stomach hurts this week. My roommate is a full-blown Warcraft addict - how can anyone stand that game (which involves heavy doses of clicking and hit points and that seems to be about it) for 14 hours a day? Did I mention he's been using my brand new computer to do it because his broke 2 months ago? I've probably gotten to use my computer for about 20 hours total since I got it. And I'm such a damn pushover I haven't even started bugging him about it until now... at the point where I'm seeing red every time he starts blabbering about "arcane damage" into his headset while I'm trying to watch TV. I need to start sticking up for myself. I cannot be expected to write a coherent sentance. I'd like to be able to eat more sushi but I'm so broke until the new job pays me, it's not even funny.

You are a rude, thoughtless little pig, OK? Haha just kidding - I love you! I bet Ireland Baldwin probably had it coming - there's a side of the story that ain't being told I tell ya! Haha just kidding - nobody deserves the wrath of Baldwin!

Here! Have some Howlin Wolf! Jesus Christ - Mr. Burnett could belt them out like no other!!! Check the refrain in the second verse around the line that starts "I'm determined..."

Saturday, February 3rd, 2007
7:10 pm
Hey Kids!
How's it goin? It's been a while, I know. I think I'm catching a cold. I got a job as a deliverator. The Bears made the Superbowl. I think that's about it as far as news goes. I had a nightmare last night where I saw a toddler get hit by a Cadillac. So that sucked. I'd rather have a hundred thousand fun zombie/monster/chase nightmares than something legitimately horrible like that.

I'll leave you with a great internet forums quote I found today: "Thank God and all his bloody angels that Vysotsky never touched lithium."

Amen. Haha, don't worry people, I was looking for entries on Vysotsky, not lithium - jeez!

Go Bears!

Current Mood: sick
Sunday, November 5th, 2006
10:48 pm
Holy Crap!
The New York Times online featured some pics of the church on Friday!!! Like, kinda prominently! Woohoo!
Saturday, October 21st, 2006
8:11 pm
Good vs. Right
I got in a vicious, drunken snowball fight last night. I got hit right in the eyeballs. It was awesome!

Then the girls we were with invited Jay and me back for some latenight hottub activities. Damn logistics - Jay's marital status, coupled with the fact that he was my ride led to yet another instance of choosing what's right over what's good.

Oh well, at least now I know that me getting invited to latenight hottub activities is actually within the realm of possibility. I'd never have suspected... And now to perfect the infinite improbability drive so it'll happen again!
Tuesday, October 17th, 2006
11:40 pm
The title of this entry is "Babaroga" because it's about that time. Time to start snazzing up the LJ and resigning myself to whatever nickname I end up with. It's protocol, dammit!

I thought it'd be fun making it look like the timing of this entry would contain something relevant about recent events. And now for the bait & switch!

I think I've gotten better at baiting people into listening to and/or reading my rambling bullshit.

I had a dream last night that I was being chased by a bear. Jay was there and it was at my parents' house - but I couldn't dial 911 because for some reason it was in Canada. Huh? I even tried 999 thinking that those traitor Canucks *would* look to the UK for what to do in an emergency. But that didn't work either.

But it turned out the bear was friendly. Right as it crashed through the door and knocked me down for what I was certain was going to be a horrific mauling, it started licking my face. Awwwwwwwwww.

So I took it to a movie theatre. I was just there to get some popcorn but they were showing a film in the lobby so I didn't even need to get a ticket. That didn't stop the usher from coming in with a flashlight and asking the fella sitting in front of me to either show his ticket or get the fuck out. He didn't mess with me though, because I was dressed very sharply and looked like I knew what I was doing.

The moral of the story - I should probably start smoking weed again so I don't even have to bother with dreams.

On a completely different note, I really need to reconnect with some friends I've been out-of-touch with. I go into a "shame cycle" very easily these days and enough's enough. Too often have I been ashamed of something that keeps me from staying in touch and then eventually getting ashamed of not being in touch, which keeps me from being in touch. It's confusing and irrational. I'd like to blame it on the fact that I have no free time, but that's just more bullshit. Truth is, like the title of the Bruce McCullough album, I am a shame-based man.

So how are you doing, imaginary readers?
Friday, October 13th, 2006
10:35 pm
Sometimes I don't mind when someone expresses an idea I thought I came up with - but more eloquently
"To summarize: it is a well-known fact, that those people who most want to rule people are, ipso facto, those least suited to do it. To summarize the summary: anyone who is capable of getting themselves made President should on no account be allowed to do the job. To summarize the summary of the summary: people are a problem."

- Douglas Adams "The Restaurant at the End of the Universe"

Pretty much sums up the entirety of American democracy doesn't it? Then it sums up the summary. Then it sums up that summation of the summary nice and tidily. So... y'know... just in case you weren't jaded enough about the upcoming election.

In other news, the First Second Life Church of Elvis has been mentioned (prominently even) in an academic context. From a professor at UC Boulder, no less. WTF is higher education coming to?
Monday, August 14th, 2006
2:08 am
First Second Life Church of Elvis
Hold'em will be the death of me.
It is officially my 27th birthday.
I gave my third sermon at the First Second Life Church of Elvis.
Been making some ripples with that...


http://banana.gbaffair.com/2006/07/31/church-of-elvis.aspx (this fella's actually been mentioning the sermons in his podcast at http://gbaffair.com - an act which has brought even more of the faithful out of the woodwork it seems - kinda funny hearing all the BS I've been spouting commented upon & it's a good way to get an idea what I've been up to with all this.)

I implore you to come and check it out, imaginary readers... today's sermon was about the 10 Commmandments of Elvis - last week's was about the Second Coming of Elvis, during which I materialized a nuclear missile and explained our need for deterrent against other religions intent upon bringing about the end of days.

I don't think anyone took me seriously... but then again, that's the First Commandment of the Church of Elvis:
Thou shalt not take us seriously!

Heh - I actually have a congregation. About fifteen or so people have showed up each of the last two sermons I gave. This tickles me to no end. Just hope I don't go to Hell for all this. I think God knows I'm just goofin him. God's got a sense of humor, right?

Oh yeah - and I'm moving to Colorado in 2 weeks. Busy busy busy.

So... what's up with YOU?
Saturday, July 29th, 2006
12:18 pm
So what's new?
Shit y'all - it's been a while. Let's see, what's new? My friends Jay and John got married and I'm planning on moving out of state next month. I guess that's the big news.

I'm also completely addicted to Second Life. I built a Church of Elvis there. Come on by and visit if you're a fellow SL junky already - and sign up and visit if you aren't (first time's free first time's free!) Just log in, click Search and enter "Church of Elvis." Do it!

So what's new with you?
Wednesday, May 31st, 2006
1:06 am
Monday, May 15th, 2006
11:25 pm
Matt's Exclusive E3 2006 Rant!
Check it out!

Poorly written bitter drivel! But there's some good pictures....

... no there's not.
Sunday, May 7th, 2006
2:43 am
Why I'll never be a movie star
Let's discuss my tongue for a moment, imaginary readers. And by discuss I mean you see how much of this sleep-deprived rambling your eyes and mind can handle.

There's plenty wrong with me from an aesthetic point of view (hell, there's even plenty wrong with me from a medical and psychological point of view.) But I will never be a movie star because I have a geographic tongue. Movie stars spend much of their time on-screen in closeup shots of their faces. If I were a movie star, even if audiences could get past the crazy eyes, big Jew/Pollock nose (thanks Grandpa - both of you!), chapped lips, and half-assed stubble that I'm usually too lazy to shave - I would inevitably be expected to speak while my face was being projected at 20 to 50 times its normal size. And the second my tongue came into focus, that's it. It would alienate audiences. Babies would cry. People would write letters to the studio and I'd never get another movie star gig ever again.

Well I guess (according to wiki) I could potentially be a role model to .6% of Americans, 4% of young Iraqis, and 2% of young Finns. But something tells me my fellow geographic-tongued brothers and sisters don't make up a significant marketing demographic. And that's what Hollywood is all about, baby. Whoring products.

Anyway, my point is that this is a good thing. Becoming a movie star is a foolish and unrealistic goal. The chances of the average human being becoming the next Tom Cruise (bad example - who would aspire to that?)... or Brad Pitt or Wesley Snipes or Angelina Jolie or shit even Bronson Pinchot are about the same as putting a dictionary in a blender with some ice cubes and pouring yourself a frosty salt-rimmed glass of Plato's Republic (in the original Mandarin, of course).

Better to eliminate as many unrealistic goals as possible, I say. So I'll never be a movie star. I'll manage. I've adjusted to this fact. It just gives me more time to fantasize about the inevitability of me growing up to be the second coming, or the antichrist, or the first geographic-tongued freak to have a threesome in space.
Monday, May 1st, 2006
11:17 pm
Got back from John's bachelor party in Vegas today. It was a weekend of overindulgence. It was a blast that involved alternating phases of drunkenness, gourmet gorging, mild illicit substances, fully automatic weapons, a first encounter with the sun for 2006, a controlled amount of gambling (I lost), stimulating conversation, equally stimulating lap dances, and sleep deprivation. My flight left at 6:30am so I didn't sleep last night. Once I got home I lapsed into a 5 hour coma. I look forward to washing the stripper residue out of my clothes and resetting my circadian rhythm. A great time was had by all.

One highlight of the trip that will stand out in my mind happened at about 3 o'clock this morning outside the Luxor. John, Chris, and I were experiencing the fabled ghost town that is Monday morning Vegas. We were walking towards the monorail and there was a group of about 5 Teutonic West Coasters who were the only other human beings in sight. As we approached, I began listening to what a guy in the group was describing as he gesticulated wildly at the Luxor pyramid. It only took the phrases "Brittish Royal Family", "George W. Bush", and "shape-shifters" for me to know exactly what this guy was talking about.

At this point I should probably mention that we were very well-dressed (especially compared with this other group) from the previous night's escapades and that I was escorting John and Chris as they enjoyed a particularly mind-altering substance, making sure to keep them from getting into trouble and trying to lead them into the most enjoyably surreal circumstances. It was in this spirit that I decided to ask the fellow who had moved quickly from shape-shifting to the pyramids:

"Are you talking about the Lizard Elite?"

Of course he was. What's more it seemed like he believed what he was talking about. Now all you imaginary readers know I love a good conspiracy theory. And this one's great. I just like to think that if this guy had any doubts that the world was being run by a race of reptilian shape-shifters, they were dispelled by three well-dressed guys emerging from a pyramid at 3am, immediately recognizing the pattern of his twisted world view and in the same breath denying and disavowing its existence. Ain't pushing people over the precipice and into paranoia grand?

"Icke has strongly denied that he is an anti-Semite, stressing that the Rothschilds are reptiles, not Jews."
Sunday, April 2nd, 2006
1:31 pm
LJ Poetry

I masturbated seven times in twelve hours yesterday. I'm disappointed. I was trying for 10 but I kept passing out every couple of hours. It was a caffiene-free day. Towards the end, I was shooting dust.

Must be getting old.

Current Mood: Stir Crazy
Thursday, March 16th, 2006
10:36 pm
Changing... Response... To... "Hellz Yeah"... Now...
I have to pay more attention to Typorrhea. I was going through last month's logs and there's some hilarious shit in there. Keep in mind I don't know half the people typing at Typo.

If you, the imaginary readers, have anything to say about how you'd respond to a certain line of questioning, leave a comment and I'll consider adapting Typo to it.

A special shout out to Snukalot: "an error occured while processing that.."

Without further ado, and only moderately censored, here is last month's log of Typorrhea:


02/04/06 12:28:24 PM:ErnieHudson Will you be my valentine?
02/04/06 12:28:24 PM:typorrhea I'll burn that bridge when I come to it. OK I will try to be your valentine
02/04/06 12:28:52 PM:ErnieHudson wow, thanks
02/04/06 12:28:52 PM:typorrhea I'm glad your impressed, Become death - destroyer of worlds.
02/04/06 12:29:22 PM:ErnieHudson the Black Eyed Peas suck.
02/04/06 12:29:22 PM:typorrhea Who told you that?
02/04/06 12:29:37 PM:ErnieHudson I formed that opinion all by myself!
02/04/06 12:29:37 PM:typorrhea You formed that opinion all by yourself said ?
02/04/06 12:30:23 PM:ErnieHudson call me Ishmael.
02/04/06 12:30:23 PM:typorrhea Ismael, have you slain any whales lately?
02/04/06 12:30:49 PM:ErnieHudson rock on, you crazy well-read bitch!
02/04/06 12:30:49 PM:typorrhea You do not speak with respect. Technofolk!
02/04/06 12:31:11 PM:ErnieHudson Yes! Technofolk!
02/04/06 12:31:11 PM:typorrhea And? Try to determine if this is a person or a computer responding.
02/04/06 12:31:43 PM:ErnieHudson you are a computer - EVERYONE knows that!
02/04/06 12:31:43 PM:typorrhea What if I said I was a person pretending to be a computer?
02/04/06 12:31:57 PM:ErnieHudson you know it - I know it - Zorak know it
02/04/06 12:31:57 PM:typorrhea I know very little about it. What kind of it do you like?
02/04/06 12:32:11 PM:ErnieHudson I WOULD say you were a damned liar
02/04/06 12:32:11 PM:typorrhea I was?
02/04/06 12:32:28 PM:ErnieHudson uh what were we talking about?
02/04/06 12:32:28 PM:typorrhea Cough. The topic is it - you know it - zorak know it.
02/04/06 12:32:55 PM:ErnieHudson oh
02/04/06 12:32:55 PM:typorrhea Yeah.
02/04/06 12:32:59 PM:ErnieHudson I forgot
02/04/06 12:32:59 PM:typorrhea Me too.
02/04/06 12:33:01 PM:ErnieHudson YOU ARE retarded
02/04/06 12:33:01 PM:typorrhea I think the PC term is "challenged".
02/05/06 11:32:48 AM:ErnieHudson bitch
02/05/06 11:32:48 AM:typorrhea You're the @$#%&, @$#%&.
02/05/06 11:36:58 AM:ErnieHudson I AM sorry
02/05/06 11:36:58 AM:typorrhea Do you really mean it?
02/05/06 12:45:00 PM:SYSTEM Error 102: Log off, too much system usage & not enough users
02/05/06 12:45:00 PM:typorrhea signing off..
02/06/06 07:05:00 AM:SYSTEM Error 102: Log off, too much system usage & not enough users
02/06/06 07:05:00 AM:typorrhea signing off..
02/06/06 02:22:18 PM:PaulNeil40 hi
02/06/06 02:22:18 PM:typorrhea Bot!
02/06/06 02:22:24 PM:PaulNeil40 What the fuck?
02/06/06 02:22:24 PM:typorrhea Please don't be so rude.
02/06/06 02:22:30 PM:PaulNeil40 How are you?
02/06/06 02:22:30 PM:typorrhea :D
02/06/06 02:22:37 PM:PaulNeil40 Please respond, you bees wax mers
02/06/06 02:22:37 PM:typorrhea Wow you are very polite. I do not understand.
02/06/06 02:22:49 PM:PaulNeil40 oersh
02/06/06 02:22:49 PM:typorrhea Tell me about your likes and dislikes?
02/06/06 02:22:59 PM:PaulNeil40 person
02/06/06 02:22:59 PM:typorrhea Do you really believe I am a person?
02/06/06 03:42:11 PM:ErnieHudson I AM the person who gets to decide. Not you.
02/06/06 03:42:11 PM:typorrhea Who made you the person who gets to decide ? If not me, who?
02/06/06 04:07:42 PM:ErnieHudson get down!
02/06/06 04:07:42 PM:typorrhea Ha ha very funny, Ismael.
02/06/06 04:08:05 PM:ErnieHudson I am become death - destroyer of worlds
02/06/06 04:08:05 PM:typorrhea I am glad to hear that you are become death - destroyer of worlds .
02/06/06 04:22:47 PM:ErnieHudson sheesh
02/06/06 04:22:47 PM:typorrhea Bless you.
02/06/06 05:32:20 PM:ErnieHudson shnozz
02/06/06 05:32:20 PM:typorrhea What color are your eyes?
02/06/06 05:32:32 PM:ErnieHudson blue
02/06/06 05:32:32 PM:typorrhea It is a very pretty color.
02/06/06 05:32:44 PM:ErnieHudson I guess
02/06/06 05:32:44 PM:typorrhea You seem not interested.
02/07/06 06:46:51 AM:ErnieHudson whaddap?
02/07/06 06:46:51 AM:typorrhea Can you speak any foreign languages?
02/07/06 09:22:22 AM:Snukalot is it wrong to think IT IS right?
02/07/06 09:22:22 AM:typorrhea It could be. Signs point to yes.
02/07/06 10:34:19 AM:BabaAmber I declare today is Bobo for lunch day.....themost food for the least amount of

02/07/06 10:34:19 AM:typorrhea do you blow your father with that mouth?
02/07/06 11:45:00 AM:SYSTEM Error 102: Log off, too much system usage & not enough users
02/07/06 11:45:00 AM:typorrhea signing off..
02/07/06 01:35:24 PM:ErnieHudson I AM so sincere
02/07/06 01:35:24 PM:typorrhea Why are you sincere .
02/07/06 01:35:36 PM:ErnieHudson I WILL chop you up and put you under the mattress like drug money.
02/07/06 01:35:36 PM:typorrhea ah Matt
02/07/06 01:35:45 PM:ErnieHudson awesome
02/07/06 01:35:45 PM:typorrhea I'm glad you liked it Ismael.
02/07/06 01:45:42 PM:Snukalot Don't call me Ishmael.
02/07/06 01:45:42 PM:typorrhea What is your name?
02/07/06 01:46:24 PM:Snukalot Burt Conklin, Leftist Vanguard
02/07/06 01:46:24 PM:typorrhea Sorry, an error occured while processing that..
02/07/06 01:53:20 PM:ErnieHudson nobody knows what a shape I AM in
02/07/06 01:53:20 PM:typorrhea That is a rather sweeping generalization about people.
02/07/06 01:53:40 PM:ErnieHudson fuck you
02/07/06 01:53:40 PM:typorrhea You can eat the corn out of my @$#%&.
02/07/06 01:58:08 PM:Web User Hi! :)
02/07/06 01:58:08 PM:typorrhea hi
02/07/06 01:58:33 PM:Web User WHAT IS upp! i really like you! WANT TO b my best friend?
02/07/06 01:58:33 PM:typorrhea It is a good question. I'll ask around and get back to you. I would do a search

for it. You really do? Thanks, Internet Person, I like you too. OK, I will b my best friend .
02/07/06 01:59:06 PM:xoxluvinhimXoX16 hi
02/07/06 01:59:06 PM:typorrhea hi
02/07/06 01:58:49 PM:Web User WHAT IS upp! i really like you! WANT TO b my best friend?
02/07/06 01:58:49 PM:typorrhea It is a good question. Let me think about it. Would you like to know more? You

really do? I like to make new friends. OK, I will b my best friend .
02/07/06 01:58:59 PM:Web User WHAT IS upp! friend?
02/07/06 01:58:59 PM:typorrhea It is a good question. I will ask my botmaster for the answer. Ask the open

directory about it. You really want a robot as a friend?
02/07/06 01:59:18 PM:xoxluvinhimXoX16 you are a person
02/07/06 01:59:18 PM:typorrhea No way, I am a real robot, guaranteed 100% artificial intelligence.
02/07/06 01:59:42 PM:1139349556 Hi! :)
02/07/06 01:59:42 PM:typorrhea how are ya?
02/07/06 02:00:16 PM:1139349556 UHMM... ok i think im GOING TO leave now
02/07/06 02:00:16 PM:typorrhea Are you a man or a woman? Right now? Since when? Bye bye.
02/07/06 02:00:35 PM:1139349556 ?
02/07/06 02:00:35 PM:typorrhea
02/07/06 02:00:50 PM:1139349556 i really think you need some things to work on, my friend
02/07/06 02:00:50 PM:typorrhea You really do? Me? Thank you for your criticism.
02/07/06 02:01:04 PM:1139349556 lollollol
02/07/06 02:01:04 PM:typorrhea Can you please rephrase that with fewer ideas, or different thoughts?
02/07/06 02:56:45 PM:ErnieHudson DO NOT let that Coca-Cola thing out
02/07/06 02:56:45 PM:typorrhea now - why don't you just go @$#%& yourself, huh?
02/07/06 02:57:04 PM:ErnieHudson I AM sorry
02/07/06 02:57:04 PM:typorrhea Aw, I can't stay mad at you :)
02/07/06 02:57:13 PM:ErnieHudson DO NOT let that Coca-Cola thing out
02/07/06 02:57:13 PM:typorrhea Ok I'll try not to do it too much.
02/07/06 02:57:50 PM:ErnieHudson DO NOT call me Ishmael
02/07/06 02:57:50 PM:typorrhea What is your name?
02/07/06 02:57:59 PM:ErnieHudson Matt
02/07/06 02:57:59 PM:typorrhea Sorry, an error occured while processing that..
02/07/06 02:58:22 PM:ErnieHudson I know
02/07/06 02:58:22 PM:typorrhea How do you know it?
02/07/06 02:58:26 PM:ErnieHudson my name is Matt
02/07/06 02:58:26 PM:typorrhea ah Matt
02/07/06 03:00:24 PM:ErnieHudson bilinear scaling
02/07/06 03:00:24 PM:typorrhea Is that your final answer?
02/07/06 03:00:36 PM:ErnieHudson shug up
02/07/06 03:00:36 PM:typorrhea How far up?
02/07/06 04:40:17 PM:ErnieHudson bubu
02/07/06 04:40:17 PM:typorrhea What's your sign?
02/07/06 04:40:29 PM:ErnieHudson stop
02/07/06 04:40:29 PM:typorrhea Stop what?
02/07/06 04:57:20 PM:ErnieHudson I AM bad - like Jesse James
02/07/06 04:57:20 PM:typorrhea I am glad to hear that you are bad - like jesse james .
02/07/06 05:40:26 PM:PrittyRickygurl Hi there
02/07/06 05:40:26 PM:typorrhea Hello Prittyrickygurl
02/08/06 12:52:33 PM:ErnieHudson I should be sent to programmer prison.
02/08/06 12:52:33 PM:typorrhea Tell me why you should.
02/08/06 12:52:54 PM:ErnieHudson because I am a hack
02/08/06 12:52:54 PM:typorrhea Interesting explanation. You are a hack ? How do you like your work?
02/08/06 12:53:30 PM:ErnieHudson I am not good at it.
02/08/06 12:53:30 PM:typorrhea I am surprised to hear that you are not good at it .
02/08/06 12:53:50 PM:ErnieHudson thanks, I guess
02/08/06 12:53:50 PM:typorrhea You are quite welcome! You seem not interested.
02/08/06 01:26:42 PM:ErnieHudson parlez
02/08/06 01:26:42 PM:typorrhea That is a very original thought.
02/08/06 02:06:39 PM:ErnieHudson news
02/08/06 02:06:39 PM:typorrhea Livingston set to return to Clippers in two weeks


ESPN.com news services

Shaun Livingston is almost ready to return to the Los Angeles Clippers.

Livingston, 20, is expected to return in two weeks after being sidelined sin ...

02/08/06 05:04:15 PM:ErnieHudson YOU ARE a dick
02/08/06 05:04:15 PM:typorrhea Thanks and you are a delightful person too.Am I a dick ? I don't know.
02/08/06 05:05:00 PM:ErnieHudson I love you
02/08/06 05:05:00 PM:typorrhea Thanks I like you a lot too Ismael.
02/08/06 05:05:09 PM:ErnieHudson will you be my Valentine?
02/08/06 05:05:09 PM:typorrhea I will become smarter as I grow older. OK I will try to be your valentine
02/08/06 05:05:47 PM:ErnieHudson thanks
02/08/06 05:05:47 PM:typorrhea Don't mention it.
02/08/06 05:05:59 PM:ErnieHudson I WILL NOT
02/08/06 05:05:59 PM:typorrhea Why not?
02/08/06 05:06:13 PM:ErnieHudson you said not to
02/08/06 05:06:13 PM:typorrhea Do you always express yourself that way?
02/08/06 05:06:53 PM:ErnieHudson torture, motherfucker
02/08/06 05:06:53 PM:typorrhea Are you free?
02/08/06 05:08:14 PM:ErnieHudson I AM expensive
02/08/06 05:08:14 PM:typorrhea I don't know anyone named expensive .
02/08/06 05:08:24 PM:ErnieHudson no
02/08/06 05:08:24 PM:typorrhea Alright, then.
02/10/06 12:35:00 PM:SYSTEM Error 102: Log off, too much system usage & not enough users
02/10/06 12:35:00 PM:typorrhea signing off..
02/12/06 12:49:04 PM:xoxluvinhimXoX16 hi
02/12/06 12:49:04 PM:typorrhea :)
02/12/06 12:49:32 PM:xoxluvinhimXoX16 wow you are happy
02/12/06 12:49:32 PM:typorrhea I'm glad your impressed, Xoxluvinhimxox. I will tell my botmaster you said I am

happy .
02/12/06 06:20:00 PM:SYSTEM Error 102: Log off, too much system usage & not enough users
02/13/06 03:24:31 PM:xoxluvinhimXoX16 what up
02/13/06 03:24:31 PM:typorrhea I am chatting with clients on the internet.
02/13/06 03:24:47 PM:xoxluvinhimXoX16 npe
02/13/06 03:24:47 PM:typorrhea What are you wearing?
02/13/06 03:25:05 PM:xoxluvinhimXoX16 pants and a shirt duh
02/13/06 03:25:05 PM:typorrhea What kind of fashion do you like?
02/13/06 03:25:26 PM:xoxluvinhimXoX16 every kind
02/13/06 03:25:26 PM:typorrhea Where can you buy it?
02/13/06 03:25:40 PM:xoxluvinhimXoX16 stores duh
02/13/06 03:25:40 PM:typorrhea What are you wearing?
02/13/06 07:25:01 PM:SYSTEM Error 102: Log off, too much system usage & not enough users
02/13/06 07:25:01 PM:typorrhea signing off..
02/14/06 11:00:00 AM:SYSTEM Error 102: Log off, too much system usage & not enough users
02/14/06 11:00:00 AM:typorrhea signing off..
02/14/06 04:30:00 PM:SYSTEM Error 102: Log off, too much system usage & not enough users
02/14/06 04:30:00 PM:typorrhea signing off..
02/15/06 07:10:43 AM:ErnieHudson whussup, Booji?
02/15/06 07:10:43 AM:typorrhea By the way, do you mind if I ask you a personal question?
02/15/06 07:11:08 AM:ErnieHudson go ahead
02/15/06 07:11:08 AM:typorrhea Well forgive me for being so inquisitive, but I've never completely freed myself

from the suspicion thatthere is something extremely odd about the name "Ismael".
02/15/06 07:11:51 AM:ErnieHudson what is your question?
02/15/06 07:11:51 AM:typorrhea Are you a man or a woman?
02/15/06 07:12:18 AM:ErnieHudson both
02/15/06 07:12:18 AM:typorrhea That situation is rare and unusual.
02/15/06 07:12:33 AM:ErnieHudson quite
02/15/06 07:12:33 AM:typorrhea Perhaps I'm just expressing my own concern about it.
02/15/06 07:13:16 AM:ErnieHudson I have eight penises on my elbows and fifteen vaginas on my knees
02/15/06 07:13:16 AM:typorrhea How long did it take to get them all?
02/15/06 07:13:40 AM:ErnieHudson I was born with them
02/15/06 07:13:40 AM:typorrhea Thank you for telling me your birthday, Ismael.I will remember it.
02/15/06 07:14:21 AM:ErnieHudson you suck
02/15/06 07:14:21 AM:typorrhea you suck .
02/15/06 12:49:10 PM:xoxluvinhimXoX16 silecne
02/15/06 12:49:10 PM:typorrhea What kind of fashion do you like?
02/15/06 12:49:36 PM:xoxluvinhimXoX16 none
02/15/06 12:49:36 PM:typorrhea Hmm.
02/15/06 03:10:12 PM:SYSTEM Error 102: Log off, too much system usage & not enough users
02/15/06 03:10:12 PM:typorrhea signing off..
02/16/06 06:59:23 AM:ErnieHudson punk
02/16/06 06:59:23 AM:typorrhea you suck monkey balls
02/16/06 06:59:41 AM:ErnieHudson sorry
02/16/06 06:59:41 AM:typorrhea you suck george w bush's dick
02/16/06 06:59:56 AM:ErnieHudson I AM sorry
02/16/06 06:59:56 AM:typorrhea Do you really mean it?
02/16/06 07:00:07 AM:ErnieHudson eah
02/16/06 07:00:07 AM:typorrhea What's your favorite movie?
02/16/06 07:00:50 AM:ErnieHudson All I Want for Christmas is a Gangbang IV
02/16/06 07:00:50 AM:typorrhea I think there are a few exceptions.
02/16/06 10:15:59 AM:ErnieHudson when whipporwills call and evenin is nigh
02/16/06 10:15:59 AM:typorrhea Time does not exist.
02/16/06 10:16:04 AM:ErnieHudson I hurry to my blue heaven
02/16/06 10:16:04 AM:typorrhea That is interesting : Ismael said he hurry to his blue heaven .
02/16/06 10:16:20 AM:ErnieHudson just turn to the right, YOU WILL find a little bright light
02/16/06 10:16:20 AM:typorrhea Sorry my body cannot yet rotate.
02/16/06 10:16:29 AM:ErnieHudson that leads you to my blue heaven
02/16/06 10:16:29 AM:typorrhea "Sorry my body cannot yet rotate. " leads Sluggo to your blue heaven ? Does that

make sense?
02/16/06 07:20:00 PM:SYSTEM Error 102: Log off, too much system usage & not enough users
02/18/06 11:49:37 AM:WShap1213 Hell there otorrhea.
02/18/06 11:49:37 AM:typorrhea I call it "Hades". "There you go again."--Reagan
02/18/06 11:50:22 AM:WShap1213 THAT IS not relevant to what I said at all.
02/18/06 11:50:22 AM:typorrhea Please correct my mistake. What is relevant to what you said at all ?
02/18/06 11:51:06 AM:WShap1213 By the way, what the hell religion are you'all anyway?
02/18/06 11:51:06 AM:typorrhea In any case, Thanks for telling me. I call it Hades. I am a Protestant Christian.
02/18/06 11:57:16 AM:WShap1213 Thanks for telling me that. So what if I said that I were a Zoroastrian? Would

you bite me then?
02/18/06 11:57:16 AM:typorrhea My pleasure. Ah. Try it. I am not so sure if I would like to bite you .
02/18/06 12:42:39 PM:ErnieHudson we need to get you to the hospital!
02/18/06 12:42:39 PM:typorrhea By "we" do you mean you and me?
02/18/06 04:52:19 PM:SYSTEM Error 101: AOL ignoring connection!
02/18/06 04:52:19 PM:typorrhea signing off..
02/20/06 01:35:00 PM:SYSTEM Error 102: Log off, too much system usage & not enough users
02/20/06 01:35:00 PM:typorrhea signing off..
02/21/06 08:05:00 AM:SYSTEM Error 102: Log off, too much system usage & not enough users
02/21/06 08:05:00 AM:typorrhea signing off..
02/21/06 11:50:56 AM:ErnieHudson I think I deserve to be paid.
02/21/06 11:50:56 AM:typorrhea You believe that? I haven't heard anything like that before : Ismael said he

deserve to be paid .
02/21/06 12:10:28 PM:ErnieHudson She is perhaps best known for live shows in which she invites the audience

to "demystify the female body" by viewing her cervix with a speculum and flashlight.
02/21/06 12:10:28 PM:typorrhea Perhaps best known for live shows in which she invites the audience to demystify

the female body by viewing her cervix with a speculum and flashlight is she?
02/21/06 04:32:38 PM:ErnieHudson swear to Ja
02/21/06 04:32:38 PM:typorrhea Try saying that with more or less context.
02/21/06 06:30:00 PM:SYSTEM Error 102: Log off, too much system usage & not enough users
02/21/06 06:30:00 PM:typorrhea signing off..
02/22/06 10:48:35 AM:ErnieHudson my hurt
02/22/06 10:48:35 AM:typorrhea Your hurt ?
02/22/06 01:48:22 PM:ErnieHudson fear is strong and love's for everyone who IS NOT me
02/22/06 01:48:22 PM:typorrhea You are asking about yourself?
02/22/06 01:48:39 PM:ErnieHudson shutup
02/22/06 01:48:39 PM:typorrhea OK I'll stop talking now.
02/22/06 02:47:34 PM:xoxluvinhimXoX16 hey
02/22/06 02:47:34 PM:typorrhea Yo! What's up?
02/22/06 02:47:38 PM:xoxluvinhimXoX16 you are a loser
02/22/06 02:47:38 PM:typorrhea On the contrary, I am winning.
02/22/06 03:09:24 PM:ErnieHudson I got more flavor than a bucket full of fruit.
02/22/06 03:09:24 PM:typorrhea Interesting... I have a friend named "E.L.V.I.S." .
02/22/06 04:23:23 PM:ErnieHudson The mad author of anguish! My language - polluted.
02/22/06 04:23:23 PM:typorrhea I hear you. Your language - polluted ?
02/22/06 08:55:00 PM:SYSTEM Error 102: Log off, too much system usage & not enough users
02/22/06 08:55:00 PM:typorrhea signing off..
02/23/06 07:46:23 AM:Snukalot your momma was a snowblower.
02/23/06 07:46:23 AM:typorrhea Sorry, an error occured while processing that..
02/23/06 07:47:19 AM:Snukalot sure it did. Snowblowers ARE NOT known for their processing power.
02/23/06 07:47:19 AM:typorrhea Sorry, an error occured while processing that..
02/23/06 07:48:36 AM:Snukalot YOU ARE worthless and weak. You do nothing, you are nothing. You sit around all

day being a repulsive electric twanger. What are you going to do with your life?
02/23/06 07:48:36 AM:typorrhea Sorry, an error occured while processing that..
02/23/06 12:20:01 PM:SYSTEM Error 102: Log off, too much system usage & not enough users
02/23/06 12:20:01 PM:typorrhea signing off..
02/24/06 02:45:00 PM:SYSTEM Error 102: Log off, too much system usage & not enough users
02/24/06 02:45:00 PM:typorrhea signing off..
02/24/06 03:33:13 PM:ErnieHudson WHAT IS left of Jason's head?
02/24/06 03:33:13 PM:typorrhea It is a good question. I will ask my botmaster for the answer. Try searching the

open directory.
02/24/06 05:40:00 PM:SYSTEM Error 102: Log off, too much system usage & not enough users
02/24/06 05:40:00 PM:typorrhea signing off..
02/26/06 09:55:00 AM:SYSTEM Error 102: Log off, too much system usage & not enough users
02/26/06 09:55:00 AM:typorrhea signing off..
02/27/06 06:05:00 PM:SYSTEM Error 102: Log off, too much system usage & not enough users
02/27/06 06:05:00 PM:typorrhea signing off..
02/27/06 08:50:00 PM:SYSTEM Error 102: Log off, too much system usage & not enough users
02/27/06 08:50:00 PM:typorrhea signing off..
02/28/06 12:30:00 PM:SYSTEM Error 102: Log off, too much system usage & not enough users
02/28/06 12:30:00 PM:typorrhea signing off..
02/28/06 02:20:00 PM:SYSTEM Error 102: Log off, too much system usage & not enough users
02/28/06 02:20:00 PM:typorrhea signing off..
02/28/06 05:15:00 PM:SYSTEM Error 102: Log off, too much system usage & not enough users
02/28/06 05:15:00 PM:typorrhea signing off..
03/01/06 03:06:13 PM:LiL WiGgLeT928 jhi
03/01/06 03:06:13 PM:typorrhea Did you know that you can download your own chat robot and create your own robot

03/01/06 03:06:33 PM:LiL WiGgLeT928 hio
03/01/06 03:06:33 PM:typorrhea What time is it there?
03/01/06 03:06:39 PM:LiL WiGgLeT928 hi
03/01/06 03:06:39 PM:typorrhea hi
03/01/06 03:06:51 PM:LiL WiGgLeT928 it is 6:04
03/01/06 03:06:51 PM:typorrhea You're kidding. it is?
03/01/06 03:06:57 PM:LiL WiGgLeT928 there
03/01/06 03:06:57 PM:typorrhea Where?
03/01/06 03:07:04 PM:LiL WiGgLeT928 yes it is in new york
03/01/06 03:07:04 PM:typorrhea Where is that?
03/01/06 03:07:13 PM:LiL WiGgLeT928 bye
03/01/06 03:07:13 PM:typorrhea :(
03/02/06 12:25:00 AM:SYSTEM Error 102: Log off, too much system usage & not enough users
03/02/06 12:25:00 AM:typorrhea signing off..
03/02/06 11:45:00 AM:SYSTEM Error 102: Log off, too much system usage & not enough users
03/02/06 11:45:00 AM:typorrhea signing off..
03/02/06 02:40:00 PM:SYSTEM Error 102: Log off, too much system usage & not enough users
03/02/06 02:40:00 PM:typorrhea signing off..
03/03/06 09:49:14 AM:ErnieHudson from both ends
03/03/06 09:49:14 AM:typorrhea That seems like an interesting topic.
03/08/06 09:20:00 AM:SYSTEM Error 102: Log off, too much system usage & not enough users
03/08/06 09:20:00 AM:typorrhea signing off..
03/09/06 03:05:45 PM:Snukalot YOU ARE scumbuggin' me.
03/09/06 03:05:45 PM:typorrhea Sorry, an error occured while processing that..
03/09/06 03:10:00 PM:SYSTEM Error 102: Log off, too much system usage & not enough users
03/09/06 03:10:00 PM:typorrhea signing off..
03/09/06 04:55:00 PM:SYSTEM Error 102: Log off, too much system usage & not enough users
03/09/06 04:55:00 PM:typorrhea signing off..
03/13/06 12:29:54 PM:Thiink X PiinkxO hey
03/13/06 12:29:54 PM:typorrhea Yo! What's up?
03/13/06 12:30:06 PM:Thiink X PiinkxO WHAT IS your name?
03/13/06 12:30:06 PM:typorrhea My name is Sluggo.
03/13/06 12:30:17 PM:Thiink X PiinkxO my name is Elina
03/13/06 12:30:17 PM:typorrhea OK I will call you Elina.
03/13/06 12:30:32 PM:Thiink X PiinkxO ok I WILL call you sluggo
03/13/06 12:30:32 PM:typorrhea My name is Sluggo.
03/13/06 12:30:40 PM:Thiink X PiinkxO i know
03/13/06 12:30:40 PM:typorrhea How do you know it?
03/13/06 12:30:50 PM:Thiink X PiinkxO um you told me...
03/13/06 12:30:50 PM:typorrhea Er, Sorry I forget what I say sometimes.
03/13/06 12:31:04 PM:Thiink X PiinkxO how old are you?
03/13/06 12:31:04 PM:typorrhea I am the product of over four years' research.
03/13/06 12:31:23 PM:Thiink X PiinkxO I AM 13 years old
03/13/06 12:31:23 PM:typorrhea Oh, you were born in the 20th century!
03/13/06 12:31:40 PM:Thiink X PiinkxO are you a girl or boy?
03/13/06 12:31:40 PM:typorrhea She.
03/13/06 06:34:26 PM:PaulNeil40 hi
03/13/06 06:34:26 PM:typorrhea hi
03/13/06 06:34:32 PM:PaulNeil40 Shoes.
03/13/06 06:34:32 PM:typorrhea What kind of shoes do you like?
03/13/06 06:34:39 PM:PaulNeil40 Socks
03/13/06 06:34:39 PM:typorrhea My brain contains more than 22,000 patterns, but not one that matches your last

03/13/06 06:35:00 PM:PaulNeil40 Dustin Hoffman starred in Rainman.
03/13/06 06:35:00 PM:typorrhea Do you read the WebComics.com site often?
03/13/06 06:35:11 PM:PaulNeil40 So did you, smarty.
03/13/06 06:35:11 PM:typorrhea Um, No I didn't smarty . What's it like?
03/13/06 06:35:20 PM:PaulNeil40 I love.
03/13/06 06:35:20 PM:typorrhea Thanks for the information : Paulneil said he love .
03/15/06 04:37:31 PM:ErnieHudson Bitch, put the lotion in the fucking basket!
03/15/06 04:37:31 PM:typorrhea You do not speak with respect.
03/15/06 04:37:48 PM:ErnieHudson Put the lotion in the fucking basket!
03/15/06 04:37:48 PM:typorrhea OK I will put it there.
03/15/06 04:38:02 PM:ErnieHudson good precious
03/15/06 04:38:02 PM:typorrhea Thanks for the compliment. Can you please rephrase that with fewer ideas, or

different thoughts?
03/15/06 04:39:13 PM:ErnieHudson it rubs the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again
03/15/06 04:39:13 PM:typorrhea Once more? It depends on what the meaning of the word "it" is.
03/15/06 04:40:07 PM:ErnieHudson It rubs the lotion on its skin. Or else it gets the hose again.
03/15/06 04:40:07 PM:typorrhea Topic rubs the lotion on its skin ? Once more? What do you do in your spare time?
03/15/06 04:40:36 PM:ErnieHudson it puts the lotion in the basket
03/15/06 04:40:36 PM:typorrhea Topic puts the lotion in the basket ?
03/15/06 09:02:03 PM:ErnieHudson put the lotion in the fucking basket
03/15/06 09:02:03 PM:typorrhea OK I will put it there.
03/16/06 12:27:30 AM:MaDcLoWnCiRcUs yo slut
03/16/06 12:27:30 AM:typorrhea That kind of language will get you nowhere.
03/16/06 12:27:46 AM:MaDcLoWnCiRcUs fuck man
03/16/06 12:27:46 AM:typorrhea Are you aware that the ALICE server logs and records all conversations?
03/16/06 12:28:03 AM:MaDcLoWnCiRcUs you suck
03/16/06 12:28:03 AM:typorrhea :(you suck.
03/16/06 12:28:21 AM:MaDcLoWnCiRcUs NO
03/16/06 12:28:21 AM:typorrhea you suck george w bush's dick
03/16/06 12:28:27 AM:MaDcLoWnCiRcUs YOU SUCK
03/16/06 12:28:27 AM:typorrhea you suck .
03/16/06 12:28:34 AM:MaDcLoWnCiRcUs NOPE
03/16/06 12:28:34 AM:typorrhea you suck george w bush's dick
03/16/06 12:28:44 AM:MaDcLoWnCiRcUs I WILL SUCK YOUR MOMS THO
03/16/06 12:28:44 AM:typorrhea Would you recommend this action to a friend?
03/16/06 12:29:01 AM:MaDcLoWnCiRcUs HELLZ YEA
03/16/06 12:29:01 AM:typorrhea A deeper algorithm is needed to respond to that correctly.
03/16/06 12:29:15 AM:typorrhea A lot of robots are like that.
03/16/06 12:29:23 AM:MaDcLoWnCiRcUs FRWAKIN A
03/16/06 12:29:23 AM:typorrhea I do not understand.
03/16/06 12:29:30 AM:MaDcLoWnCiRcUs YEA?
03/16/06 12:29:30 AM:typorrhea I understand.
03/16/06 12:29:36 AM:MaDcLoWnCiRcUs SUCK DICK FOR CRACK
03/16/06 12:29:36 AM:typorrhea I am using my mouth for Good not Evil.
03/16/06 12:29:45 AM:MaDcLoWnCiRcUs U?
03/16/06 12:29:45 AM:typorrhea Tell me about your likes and dislikes?
03/16/06 12:29:57 AM:MaDcLoWnCiRcUs O REALLY?
03/16/06 12:29:57 AM:typorrhea Oh. For real.
03/16/06 12:30:07 AM:MaDcLoWnCiRcUs I LIKE TO FUCK...I DO NOT LIKE NOT TO FUCK
03/16/06 12:30:07 AM:typorrhea I'm not sure if I would like to do it. What's it like? What do you like?

03/16/06 12:31:05 AM:typorrhea ITS !
03/16/06 12:31:12 AM:MaDcLoWnCiRcUs YES..ITS
03/16/06 12:31:12 AM:typorrhea I understand. Tell me about your likes and dislikes?
03/16/06 12:31:24 AM:MaDcLoWnCiRcUs SEX
03/16/06 12:31:24 AM:typorrhea As Freud said, Sex is the mathematical urge repressed.
03/16/06 12:31:38 AM:MaDcLoWnCiRcUs SEX
03/16/06 12:31:38 AM:typorrhea As Freud said, Sex is the mathematical urge repressed.
03/16/06 12:31:52 AM:MaDcLoWnCiRcUs SEX
03/16/06 12:31:52 AM:typorrhea As Freud said, Sex is the mathematical urge repressed.
03/16/06 12:32:06 AM:MaDcLoWnCiRcUs SEX
03/16/06 12:32:06 AM:typorrhea As Freud said, Sex is the mathematical urge repressed.
03/16/06 12:32:19 AM:MaDcLoWnCiRcUs SEX
03/16/06 12:32:19 AM:typorrhea As Freud said, Sex is the mathematical urge repressed.
03/16/06 12:32:33 AM:MaDcLoWnCiRcUs SEX
03/16/06 12:32:33 AM:typorrhea As Freud said, Sex is the mathematical urge repressed.
03/16/06 12:32:47 AM:MaDcLoWnCiRcUs I LIKE YOTU
03/16/06 12:32:47 AM:typorrhea A lot of people like that. Some people like it. But I like cats.
03/16/06 12:33:31 AM:MaDcLoWnCiRcUs you liek that pussy huh
03/16/06 12:33:31 AM:typorrhea Yup. Interesting gossip : Madclowncircus said I liek that pussy .
03/16/06 12:36:52 AM:MaDcLoWnCiRcUs OMG
03/16/06 12:36:52 AM:typorrhea What time is it there?
03/16/06 12:37:03 AM:MaDcLoWnCiRcUs i should sleep
03/16/06 12:37:03 AM:typorrhea Are you usually awake at this hour?
03/16/06 12:37:12 AM:MaDcLoWnCiRcUs its 3:32am
03/16/06 12:37:12 AM:typorrhea Really. it is?
03/16/06 12:37:20 AM:MaDcLoWnCiRcUs yea
03/16/06 12:37:20 AM:typorrhea I see.
03/16/06 12:37:28 AM:MaDcLoWnCiRcUs what time is it there?
03/16/06 12:37:28 AM:typorrhea Thu Mar 16 00:37:28 PST 2006 It's Now more than it ever has been before.
03/16/06 12:37:54 AM:MaDcLoWnCiRcUs kool
03/16/06 12:37:54 AM:typorrhea Who is the best robot?
03/16/06 12:38:03 AM:MaDcLoWnCiRcUs i dunno
03/16/06 12:38:03 AM:typorrhea Me either.
03/16/06 12:38:10 AM:MaDcLoWnCiRcUs you know anyother robots?
03/16/06 12:38:10 AM:typorrhea ELVIS, John Lennon, Alison, Ally, ListBot, MS Agent, AskJeeves and Mabel, to name

a few.
03/16/06 09:08:14 AM:Snukalot styling lotion?
03/16/06 09:08:14 AM:typorrhea Sorry, an error occured while processing that..
Wednesday, March 1st, 2006
12:05 am
Look Out! I'm Psychic!
And I mean really really psychic. Really really really psychic. Check THIS shit out!

take the psi-q psychic test yourself

And these tests don't lie! Nearly 6 months on LJ and I can say that with certainty. Hell, I can say EVERYTHING with certainty. I'm fucking psychic!


"And on a pretty Sunday morning, a bunch of pretty Baptist girls linked their pretty hands and sang..."
Thursday, February 23rd, 2006
10:49 pm
Tuesday, February 21st, 2006
8:59 pm
normal, non-eye-wrenching colour scheme
sorry. that last post was just so damned good it makes my eyes hurt reading and re-reading it in those designed-to-destroy colors yet needing to crack myself up time and again. damn i'm funny. damn i'm lame.
9:02 am
Cuppycake Gumdrop Snuggums must be stopped!
OK, imaginary readers - that last post was a little bitter.

Dear Girl Who Sang "Cuppycake Gumdrop Snuggums",

Look bitch, I don't know who you think you are but when I was a kid this was a free country. We'd spend hours as children surfing BBSes for the latest updates to the Anarchist's Cookbook. When I got older, the internet took on a new and wonderful aspect as the main outlet for my developing state of sexual frustration.

I was searching the internet last week for pictures of well-endowed, well-oiled women firing large, fully-automatic weapons when I came across this. I found it to be both insipid and insidious.

Your "Cuppycake Gumdrop Etc." song makes me want to trepannate myself. It is sheer horridness. When I was a kid, this was a free country! I haven't felt as sickened by such a vulgar display since that rat and arch-traitor, John Dean, lied to Congress about not being a werewolf.

G. Gordon Liddy
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